Need a few good reads on forgiveness? Here are some options...

Mending the Soul, Steve Tracy: Though specifically targeted to those who have experienced abuse, Dr. Tracy's work on forgiveness and healing is applicable to everyone.

What's So Amazing About Grace?, Philip Yancey: Yancey's book provides the beginnings of a theological understanding of forgiveness while including some practical steps and and positive consequences of forgiving.

Helping People Forgive, David W. Augsberger: Augsberger's book explores the emotional and spiritual side of forgiveness. It's a great read!

More good books...

This coming week (February 6), we continue our discussion of systematic theology with a look at theology proper-- who is God and what is He like? It's been said that there are not enough books and pages in the world to facilitate an adequate discussion of our perfect heavenly Father. Here are a few books that at least gave it a shot-- and a great shot at that.

Engaging the Doctrine of God, Bruce McCormack (McCormack is the editor and includes quite a few different contributors, some of whom you would probably recognize.)

No One Like Him, John S. Feinberg (Will serve as a great addition to your library and your home weight set.)

Knowing God, J. I. Packer (A classic on the doctrine of God; more specifically, on knowing Him.)

The Doctrine of God, Gerald Bray (Pretty heady, extremely challenging.)

Need a good book?

Looking for a good systematic theology to supplement our study in 2013? Here are few great options...

Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem: Comprehensive, biblical, read-able.

Doctrine, Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears: Not quite as academic as Grudem's text, but very accurate and read-able. (By the way, Grudem endorses it!)

Christian Doctrine, Millard Erickson: Have Grudem and Driscoll? Love to read a different perspective? Erickson is orthodox and balanced and provides a different look at systematic theology. I own it and love it.

Each of these texts are more overviews. As we continue our study this Spring, I'll continue to post more specific suggestions (e.g. texts specifically related to Christology, pneumatology, etc.).

Hope these help!


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